Bonsai Sales

For centuries, the art of bonsai has been practiced in Asian cultures and their carefully cultivated beauty has rightfully gained popularity worldwide. With hundreds of these beauties to choose from, making the right decision for your home or garden can be a challenge. For over 20 years, we have studied, grown, and sold these trees, and are thrilled to help both beginners and veterans of the art make their selections. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to grow your own whether for hobby or profit, we take pride in our greenthumb education and are one of the most experienced growers in South Florida. We also provide proper supplies such as soil and tools to ensure the longest life possible for your tree. Here at Killian Growers Nursery, our family will enlighten you with the knowledge to choose and care for one of these gorgeous works of art that can be passed down for generations. 

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Landscape & Design

Our family has dedicated their lives to creating high quality Landscape art and making the world a more beautiful place. Our landscape design services are no different. Ranging from simple grass replacement to exotic specimen trees and plant landscape, we strive to create a total paradise for homes and businesses. We also include landscape rocks, mulch, pottery, and pavers in our supplies and services. As a family owned local business, we take input and recommendation from friends, family, and employees very seriously. Word of mouth is important to us, so with your vision and our expertise we can design the front yard wonderland of your dreams.

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Plant & Tree Sales

While we are best known for our Bonsai trees, we also offer a variety of native, fruit, and specimen trees. Our plant selection includes thousands of succulents such as popular echeverria and houseleek varieties, among dozens of rare and uncommon finds. We will work with your vision to decide what plants will look great together, where you will house them, and even educate you in stickier situations such as which plants are toxic for pets or produce heavier allergens. So while you’re deciding what looks best with the paint on your new home, we will be planning logistics, measurements, and alternatives to create your perfect piece of paradise.

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Our Message

We offer a wide a range of exotic bonsai trees, native plants, trees, and colorful succulents alongside professional landscaping and design services. We work with every client directly to ensure your vision is executed precisely, and obstacles are always accounted for in our quotes and timelines. 

We begin by outlining a simple idea. When we find something you are passionate about, we will measure the workspace and surrounding architecture to create an aesthetically precise canvas, and from there your trees and plants are installed by our experienced staff. We are happy to teach our clients how to care for their new yard or plant, and even offer bonsai classes for our hobbyists and fellow growers. 

As a family business, we take  personalized experiences very seriously and want nothing more than for you to enjoy the process of something that is usually considered work. 

killian growers at work
Killian Growers At Work

Next Steps…

Whether you’re ready to build or just looking, we will be glad to answer your questions through any of our contact platforms. Find out why we’re the right choice today!