Killian Growers have some fun in the sun
Killian Growers have some fun in the sun

Our Approach

Life does not just give you lemons, without hard work nothing grows but weeds. This philosophy is based on our grandfather’s vision of self-growth and learning. As a Cuban immigrant in the 1960’s, he raised his family to be passionate about nature and the things that matter most. Since then we have grown up with that strong family and work ethic, and when clients are on our farms, they are to be treated like guests.

Our Story

In 2009, David Lucas began his journey with just a few men and an SUV. Taking knowledge from a gardening hobby and a little help from family, he cultivated a company quite literally that would become one of South Florida’s largest plant suppliers and landscaping services. This passion is most strongly inspired by his children, Gavin and Lucas, who he believes should grow up close to nature and taught to nurture life as a whole.

Meet the Team

While our company has grown to over a dozen amazing employees, none of them are quite as adorable as Gavin and Lucas. They loved the tractors so much during their visits, their father and company founder David quickly promoted them to CEO’s. We are looking forward to teaching them to drive our trucks one day while wondering how they got to be taller than us.

Gavin & Lucas

Founder & CEO

Next Steps…

Whether you’re ready to build or just looking, we will be glad to answer your questions through any of our contact platforms. Find out why we’re the right choice today!