Shrubs All Types & Sizes

Ranging from the beautiful decorative peony to the healing aloe vera and lavender, we carry all genres of these branched beauties. Shrubs make great filler plants for large yards and are even often used as decorative fences.

Landscape Design

Utilizing our on site arborist, we are able to offer quick and precise consultations for both landscape design and plant material installation. We are also familiar with the permits necessary to begin irrigation for your project, and possess the experience to get them issued quickly.

Starters – Specimens

Much like our family here, many of our clients enjoy nurturing life from the very beginning and watching it grow under their wing. Therefore, we are proud to offer dozens of starter trees alongside the more flamboyant specimens, most popular for their extravagant size and aesthetic appeal.

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Thousands Of Succulents Available

Yes, we mean thousands. Haworthia, echeveria, burro’s tail and jade plants are just a few of our listed succulent types; as this is something you really have to see to believe.

Natural Garden Materials

This form of art is based on turning mud into something special, so we are always fully stocked on mulch, soil, fertilizer, and natural rocks. We are also proud to carry several chemical and harm free soils and foods.

Next Steps…

Whether you’re ready to build or just looking, we will be glad to answer your questions through any of our contact platforms. Find out why we’re the right choice today!